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MikroC Programming Guide


PIC Microcontrollers - Programming in C
Microcontroller Programmer

The purpose of this post is to provide basic information that one needs to know in order to be able to use microcontrollers successfully in practice. This post, therefore, doesn’t contain any super interesting program or device schematic with amazing solutions. Instead, the following examples are better proof that program writing is neither a privilege nor a talent issue, but the ability of simply putting puzzle pieces together using directives. Rest assured that design and development of devices mainly consists of the ‘test-correct-repeat’ work. Of course, the more you are in it, the more complicated it gets since the puzzle pieces are put together by both children and first-class architects.

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  1. Microcontroller is an electronic piece of digital system that is discovered and developed after a computer. It saves a set of commands, Programming that is subject to it before use. Unlike the analogue circuitry that is designed to perform a certain fixed function, and if you want to modify it requires a change in connections and in most cases this also requires changing the components. The microcontroller is used to perform a variety of different functions, and is used in factories and machines that are working on a set of steps and orders or instructions.

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