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8x32 LED Matrix Real Time Clock Circuit with Alarm - 18F2550

Most of electronic enthusiasts are very much interest about the LED matrix displays. So if you are one of them this is for you. If you are not familiar with LED matrices at all, please read these two experimental tutorials Basics of LED matrix display and scrolling text message on an LED matrix .

8x32 LED Matrix Clock
LED Matrix Clock

LED matrix displays are very popular in these days and most of people are love it but wonder how it can construct. So that I decide to provide this post for you. This project is about constructing a mono-color LED matrix display based real time clock. It can display time, date, and room temperature alarm with chime function. You can control this clock using four switches (Mode, Enter, Up, Down) and can changed the speed of scrolling by RV2.

8x32 LED Matrix Clock circuit
Matrix Clock

The main IC of this project is PIC16F2550 micro controller which controls all the sections, and display the LED matrix with the help of 74HC595 shift registers and DS1307 RTC IC. As amplifier I chose TDA7052 because of low cost and almost no component. But you can choose any amplifier for it. To react function keys you need to press and hold keys and remember to put 100-330 resistors between shift registers and displays if those are too bright.

This built in some events and according to it clock change its welcome massage and alarm tone.

The events are;
  • New Year – Jan 1  
  • Vesak  - May 
  • Christmas - Dec 25
  • Valentine – Feb 14 and
  • Birthday - User Define

You can add custom date for birthday by changing the values of Eeprom (1) for day and Eeprom (2) for month. Also used hex value for this.
Ex: for Jun 25 -> Eeprom (1) = 19 and Eeprom (2) = 06

LED Matrix Clock Preview

Tested and Working!


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