Monday, August 20, 2012

LED Knight Rider Circuits - CD4017 NE555


Everyone like to build LED Knight Rider circuits, specially beginners and little kids. So I will post some knight rider circuits and you can find different pattern of the knight rider circuit from here.

LED Knight Rider 1

Knight Rider Circuits 1 preview
Pattern 1 Preview

Knight Rider Circuits 1
Pattern 1 Circuit

In this circuit LED is running one by one from D1 to D10. after D10, its star from D1 and this will continue until power is disconnected.

LED Knight Rider 2

Knight Rider Circuits 2  preview
Pattern 2 Preview

Knight Rider Circuits 2
Pattern 2 Circuit

In this circuit LED is running two ways. in first step D1, D3, D5, D7 and D9 is light up one by one and the D10, D8, D6, D4 and D2 is light up one by one after D2, its star from D1 and this will continue until power is down. this is more similar to the circuit of Knight Rider TV Series. how ever this circuit doesn't display a tail like circuit in tv series. if you like to add tail then simply add capacitors between every LED. the value of capacitor depend on input voltage and type of LED. so i can't give a value for capacitor. therefor you have to chosen your own value for this by adding different capacitors from 10-220uf. however i think 47-100uf is good for this.

LED Knight Rider 3 - Shadow

Knight Rider Circuits 3 preview
Pattern 3 Preview

Knight Rider Circuits 3
Pattern 3 Circuit

This is the same circuit of pattern 1 and only change the polarity of LED. after power is given all the LED s are light up except D1. next all the LED s are light up except D2. this will continue until D10 off. after that it begin with D1 and this will repeated until power is applied. This method also can applied to the pattern 2. RV1 used to change speed of scrolling. Supply Voltage is 5-12v. Change the R1 resistor to 470-1k when you used power supply above 5v.

4017 is a synchronous decimal up counter with decimal-decoder. it count when the signal is applied to the CLK (pin 14).

The NE555 is a highly stable device for generating accurate time delays or oscillation and used to generate clock pulses for 4017.

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