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JDM - A Simple PIC Programmer Circuit


Circuit circuit on dot Board
Circuit on dot Board

The JDM programmer is one of the simplest PIC programmers available. The design comes from the excellent JDM low cost programmer. It connects direct to the PC serial port using Windows driver software IC-Prog for easy programming. No external power supply is required and a simple board layout is given requiring no special PCB manufacture. Note that the design is limited to the PIC series (12F, 16F and 18F) of chips and cannot be used for In System Programming - ISP.
If you need a more advanced programmer then try WinPic800.

The JDM circuit connects to the computers serial port through a DB9F female connector and the LED are optional but are very useful particularly when testing the circuit.

JDm Circuit 1
Connection with 16F84

By connecting below two circuits together, you can able to get a complete JDM programmer for program all pic series.

JDm Circuit 2
Circuit 1

JDM all pic series connector
Circuit 2

Hardware Testing

  1. Connect the programmer to the PC serial port using the Female to Male serial lead
  2. Start the IC-Prog software and under 'Settings -Hardware' select JDM Programmer
  3. Insert the PIC into the programming socket

IC-Prog interface
IC-Prog interface

WinPic800 interface
WinPic800 interface

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  1. this project is 100% working


  2. This can be used for programmers IC pic 16F88 well yes sir?

    1. Of course, you can use this circuit to programming PICs

    2. this can be programme to PIC16F84A?

    3. Yes. You can use it to programming PIC16F84A

  3. Thank you so much I have to try to PIC16F88 ic and successful.



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